In 30 hours, meningococcal disease changed Alicia and Michael's lives in a way they never imagined. Their daughter Emily came down with a headache, then went to the hospital. But she was not one of the lucky ones.

In 2011, Nicolis Williams was in college with a promising future.  He died of meningococcal disease.  Hear his story as told by his sister Tiffany.

Jamie Schanbaum was a 20 year-old student at her dream university when she came down with flu like symptoms. The next morning, her sister took her to the hospital. She never walked on her natural legs again.

Vaccination may not protect all recipients.

The people in these videos are advocates for meningococcal disease vaccination. Some were compensated by GSK for their participation. These videos are personal experiences; other people's experiences with meningococcal disease may be different.

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